Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 5 Deborah

            In August of 1998, I reported for duty to the Pensacola Naval Air Station for Officer Candidate School.  I had joined the Navy after graduating Missouri Southern State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My heart was ready, but my nerves were in full bloom and my mind had a million questions.  Can I do this? What am I doing? Sister, if God has commissioned you for the military or armed forces, police or any service protection force, government position or security, then He will strengthen you for all situations through the blood of Christ.
            I served only two years in the military due to a medical discharge for vertigo and migraines.  The few years I served brought me into a deeper respect for those who defend, give their own life for this country and protect our freedom we take for granted.  For the woman called to serve, for the mother who tearfully leaves her family for duty, for the wife whose husband walks the borders, for the sister who prays for her brother, for the daughter who holds her daddy’s clothes at night to fall asleep and the mother who clings to her baby girl before she deploys, each of these women need prayer.  Not only do they need prayer, but encouragement, love, help from their sisters in Christ, but to know God is in complete control.
            Deborah was called to lead.  The Lord thy God called this woman to be a judge over the house of Israel.  She had the heart, the love for her people and the wisdom to follow God.  He saw her potential.  As a young girl, the Lord saw her for who she was going to be, lavishing the gifts and talents, gently molding and shaping Deborah for the challenging task at hand.  This woman was called to leadership, not only for judging and settling disputes, but as military leader who Israel’s armed forces followed.
            Before we move forward, I want to reveal my heart. This woman is rare. Deborah is not the norm.  The majority of the military is men, the majority of those called to protect and serve are men, as were the judges in The Old Testament mostly men; only one was a woman. These women are few and far between, meaning, you will not see the military predominately overflowing with women fighting to protect men and our country.  What I mean is, you will not see our special forces taken over by women, picking up a wounded man and hauling him out of battle.  I do not believe we were physically made for that challenge, although there are very few who step up endowed with the mental and physical capacity to achieve this goal.  Very few women, who God has molded and shaped for this type of service, are walking this earth.
            If you are one of these women and are called to serve, then God has placed a special gift and talent in your heart.  I understand the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual task at hand.  You are the minority, overcoming obstacles and physical dangers.  Not many women are trusted with the physical strength, but also the mental ability for dangerous situations.  My prayer at the end of this chapter is God protects you, those closest to you or under your authority, giving you the clarity of mind to prepare for battle, remembering all training situations. 
            You have a difficult job, in which most women do not understand.  Enduring the harsh, rigorous training, the round the clock protection, eyes looking to you for leadership or help, Christian, you are a strong woman.  I have had the privilege of knowing women who are intelligence officers, operations officers, field officers, enforcement officers and military helicopter pilots.   God has given you the mind and body to endure harsh treatment for readiness, the mental ability to understand the job’s not a 9am to 5pm kind of occupation, and the heart ready to help and protect those in need. 
            Deborah had this heart for her people.  She loved God’s chosen and diligently judged His people.  Deborah had the confidence of our Lord, the trust of God to give the Word He commanded, but also the assurance she could lead battle.  I pray my sister, your reputation precedes you as hard working, gaining the trust of your fellow servicemen, encouraging others as you lead and protect.  Deborah was hand picked for this time in Israel’s history, as you are hand picked for the job you are serving for.  God trusts you with the lives of His people.  He has the confidence in you to perform for Him with the assurance you can lead as well. 
            Not only did Deborah lead in the fore front, but God prepared another woman to lead in the background.  Jael was a tentmaker, but when it was time for battle she was ready.  While Deborah and Barak lead Israel to victory, the enemy Sisera ran for his life right into the tent of Jael.  Giving this wounded solider a skin of warm milk, this crafty woman opened her tent, filled Sisera’s belly and gently laid him to sleep.  No sooner was he slumbering, when she grabbed a tent peg and hammer, killing Israel’s arch enemy.  Deborah proclaimed the Word of God to Barak as “I will go with you. But because of the way you are going about this, the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will hand Sisera over to a woman.” (Judges 4:9)
            My strong sister in Christ, I pray you honor those who so tirelessly serve with you, but I also pray you honor those at home waiting for you.  I know the spirit has to be strong for this job, but I also know when home, God will give you the spirit of a gentle mother, a loving wife and respectful daughter.  Remember, there is a time and a place for a hard, tough exterior. My prayer to the Lord was, “Father, when I write, pray in the spirit or am faced with a giant, give me the heart of a warrior.  But when I am home with my children, give me the gentle heart of a mother.  When I am home with Tommy, give me the spirit of a woman who loves and respects her husband.”  You can be all things, all situations and attitudes when needed.  If you are having a challenge turning off that “warrior spirit” when you are needed to be as Christ, “for my yoke is easy, light and gentle not hard, harsh and pressing”, pray to God He will help you adjust, giving you the time needed to turn off the job in your mind and turn on the job at home.
            For those of you at home, crying out to the Father for the safety and protection of those loved in uniform, I pray these prayers give you peace.  I pray the spirit of the Living God gives you insight, understanding, love, counsel and guidance as how to handle waiting and longing to see the one you love.  This is a challenging life, but the hand of unity can and will be upon you, gracing you to be all things in Christ, giving you the strength that surpasses understanding. God be with you!

Let us ALL pray and CONFESS the Word of God over our service men and women, those called to protect our lives, those walking the borders to defend our country and those we call upon when needed.  Let us pray for the families at home while they are in waiting for their loved ones and if you feel the tug of your heart to bless them, then I pray you are obedient and submit to God’s will.

Prayer for women soldiers; pray and CONFESS the Word:

Father, Jehovah-Nissi,
            I bow before you as Lord and Savior.  I put on the whole armor of the Lord, helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of peace, shield of faith, and sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:12).  Help me prepare for battle in mind, body and spirit.  I believe you are in complete control of my life for my times are in your hands (Psalm 18:35, Psalm 31:15).  Breathe your breath of life into me and prepare me for your plan and this task ahead (John 20:22).  Guard and protect me (Psalm 91).  If I am afraid, fill my mind, heart, and spirit with scripture, giving me a peace which surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:6-7).  Give me the boldness of David when I’m faced with a giant (1 Samuel 17, 21:9).  Grant me the humility of Your Son Jesus Christ to be on my knees praying for your will and not my own (Philippians 2:8).  Issue me the courage of Deborah, the strength of Jael and a legion of your warrior angels as a hedge of protection.  Use me to be a light and a blessing to those around me (Matthew 5:13-16).  Give me a Word of encouragement for those closes or entrusted in my care (Ephesians 4:29).  Help me to be a wise leader full of your Spirit wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of reverential and obedient fear of the Lord (Isaiah 11:2), but follow submissively and obediently to you and those in my chain of command.  Bless me Lord this day, watch, guard and protect me; shine your face upon me, enlighten and be gracious to me, lift up your countenance upon me and give me your peace (Numbers 6:25-26).  Carry me this day, steady my hands and feet, calm my spirit and mind, rebuking the lies of the enemy (Mark 8:33).  Help me this day Lord to be alert, calm, comforted, protected and adaptable to all situations and persons in whom I confront.  Bring to my memory all training situations, so I can quickly respond in the most efficient way possible.  I boldly confess as a child of the Most High, I am strong.  I am courageous (Romans 8:37). I am self-controlled and will not be afraid, for what can man do to me.  Use this season, this task ahead of me for your glory your kingdom and a harvest for you.  Bless my family and let my life not be taken before it is time. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

Prayer for families of soldiers
            I bow before you as Lord and Savior.  I give my child, sister, brother, spouse (____________) to you and lay him/her at the foot of your cross, pleading your precious blood over them.  Protect him/her this day.  Give him/her the strength in battle or preparation for battle with a clear mind.  Take away all confusion, fear, pride, self reliance, but help him/her to focus on you, your strength, your plan and path for them.  Father, I pray this day that if he/she doesn’t know you, you would touch his/her heart, remove the scales and breathe your life into him/her.  May living water fill him/her this day and release him/her from this world.  I pray for the Spirit of wisdom and understanding to guide them in Truth, the Spirit of counsel and might for a Word of encouragement, to carry their fellow brethren in battle and to fight the spiritual battle in the heavenlies when faced with a Goliath.  The Spirit for knowledge and of reverential and obedient fear of the Lord when place in a difficult situation and difficult decision, quickly bring all things to (____________) memory of training, studies and scripture.  I pray I not be a burden or hindrance to (_____________), but full of encouragement, love, and joy.  Help me prepare a place for him/her when he/she returns keeping all things in order for them.  Give me your strength in all things and prepare my heart for this time while (_______________) is in service for his/her country and for You.  Let the Comforter keep him/her calm, alert and adaptable to all situations and persons. May (________________) be protected and no weapon formed against them prosper.  In the name of Jesus of Nazareth I pray, AMEN!

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